Source Code Overview

This distribution provides packages for use within L4Re, located in the pkg directory in this distribution and in the src/l4/pkg directory within the L4Re repository structure. They are currently as follows:

Package Description
devices a collection of device drivers and libraries
landfall-examples a collection of examples demonstrating the devices

In addition to the above, configuration files are provided for the example programs in the conf/landfall-examples directory.

Device Support

A selection of devices are supported by this software. They are found within the pkg/devices directory and are currently the following:

Device Description
backlight display backlight control
cpm clock and power management
display device-specific display control
fb framebuffer access
input input event delivery
keypad keypad/keyboard scanning
lcd LCD and other display peripheral support
pwm pulse width modulation support
spi serial peripheral interface support

Many device types provide the following kinds of support:

In addition to the above, more general libraries found in the lib subdirectory provide abstractions for working with peripherals defined at the hardware level. It is envisaged that each peripheral-specific library will eventually have corresponding server support, at least where this would offer a reasonable kind of abstraction.

(Some kinds of peripherals may, in fact, only be accessed when providing a device with different outward characteristics to those exposed at the hardware level. Other aspects of the hardware are also best maintained as libraries or data for use by other components, such as information about display panels. Such things do not need their own server whose only purpose would be to provide static data to other programs, and even then only very occasionally.)