Future Work

Some device servers could offer a broader range of operations and there could be increased consistency between implementations for different computing devices. For example, CPM servers only support operations necessary for LCD peripheral configuration.

Additional device servers could be provided for peripherals already supported by libraries. For example, GPIO functionality is currently not exposed via a server. (L4Re's Io server seeks to support GPIO functionality in such a fashion.)

Panel details are provided by libraries containing the structure definitions required by the LCD device code. These libraries may eventually be replaced by simple resource data files, but it is convenient to be able to use definitions found in header files and to take advantage of structure definitions by just encoding such details in source code and then turning such code into a library.

Framebuffer device servers are not currently used, since fb-drv effectively offers the desired functionality together with other things.

The input event device support needs to be made properly interoperable with the L4Re event framework so that existing software can be supplied with keypad events.

Keypad device support should support interrupt handling to allow the scanning activity to sleep when no activity is taking place.

Plenty of other hardware support should be introduced.