Remember that certain prerequisites are needed for the software to work.

The Landfall distribution is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later. However, a small amount of incorporated code with origins in L4Re has a "version 2 only" licence which may affect redistributions of systems based on this work, preventing recipients from applying the provisions of later GPL versions.


The source code repository is located at the following location:

The repository can be cloned using Mercurial as follows:

hg clone

If you are familiar with version control systems and Mercurial in particular, it can be convenient to use this approach to obtain and update the software, although you should be aware that updates made available in the repository may, if deployed, cause the software to not function correctly on occasion, even if attempts are made to avoid such situations. Therefore, you should choose to update with care and be prepared to switch to a "known working" revision if necessary.