There are three levels of configuration in imip-agent:

These files are by default installed into the /etc/imip-agent directory and they can be changed in that location once the system is installed.

Text Encoding

The textual encoding employed by the preferences files is UTF-8.

System-Level and Tool Configuration

The file must indicate choices in the following areas:

Since the tools/ script depends on this configuration, changes must be made to the file in the tools/ location before installation can occur.

Software Configuration

Any changes to filesystem locations may need to be incorporated into the file, which is found in the imiptools/ location of the distribution. There is, however, no urgency in changing this file before installation, and it can be edited in its installed location to achieve the same effects.

The agent system configuration dictates how the software behaves, and the file provides system-level settings (filesystem locations and file permissions), service-level settings (e-mail address and Web site choices), and default policies for users of the software.

User Preferences

Although the software configuration in provides default policies, users can choose to override these defaults by editing their own preferences. The most convenient way of doing this is to use the profile page provided by the management interface.

The settings for the different policies are described in the preferences guide.